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Which is kind of front and center, not exactly central, but compositionally important in the picture. I've got my 24-70 zoom lens on here because often when you come to a situation like this, you're limited to where you can actually be, so having a zoom gives you the flexibility of really being able to compose exactly the way you like to.

The below technique works well when you want to let your creative spirit flow, but unfortunately the beach you chose is not the safest place in the world. Once you are done with pictures & videos, put your camera in the bag or simply wrap a towel around it and jog for a few minutes. While you are jogging look back from time to time to make sure that nobody is following you. In this way you will ensure that once you reach your new spot nobody will know that you have the camera on you. I used this technique in Rio de Janeiro and it worked perfectly well. You may think: “nobody will steal from me”. Well, this may be true. However, if your equipment is expensive and beaches you plan to visit are perceived to be a bit more dangerous (e.g. Rio or Barcelona), then I encourage you to test my approach. Unfortunately, I still see many situations around the world where people flash photos and make videos on the beach only to put the camera in the bag and lie down. At that point every thief on the beach knows that the camera is securely packed in that nice green bag resting next to the deckchair. It becomes an easy target for an expert and there are many of them. Especially when you travel with halong bay tours to Halong bay, one of the most popular beaches in Viet Nam. Thief-your phone or camera I will never forget when I was in Copacabana and saw 2 guys flashing their iPhones and fancy cameras in front of everybody. On the top of that they had T-shirts with Norwegian flag. All of this was like a gigantic neon sign saying: “Rob me please. I came from a rich country and brought some fancy things with me. Don’t worry, I will not fight for them”. I really hope that these guys avoided the trouble. Nevertheless, showing your wealth is the last thing you want to do in certain places.

And because it's a night scene, and a long exposure, with a Nikon, one of the features, and a lot of cameras have this, there's something called long exposure noise reduction. And why I put this on is it does something that just can't be replicated in post-processing. There's a certain kind of noise you get from long exposures that's related to the heat of the sensor, and long exposure noise reduction will reduce that noise. You can't do anything after the fact. The only downside is, it literally doubles your exposure time.

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